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Write it down before I forget

Why is this image on my home and the subject of my first post?

It is quite a bizarre photograph for me. It was taken purely by chance in a forest in Wales. The reason for being in the forest was to watch the Cambrian Rally in February 2019. It was duly taken home, edited in Lightroom as normal and rated as five stars (by myself). It was at this point that I thought about trying to sell some of my pictures. Where to start though? I trawled the internet to try and make sense of the options and decided to start on Adobe Stock. I knew I wouldn’t get rich this way but I just had this fascination with the question of where would my images end up?

Some really boring Powerpoint presentation…….here is a forest in Wales, don’t chop down trees or the planet will die, or maybe some anti-motorsport lobby, now wouldn’t that be ironic.

Would it end up on somebody’s wall as a fine piece of art?

A screensaver maybe?

So with these question in mind I started on Adobe Stock, filled in the tax forms, started my dashboard and published my first images. It took a while and (spoiler alert) I am not rich yet. This image is my best selling image in nearly two years of supplying Adobe. Downloaded 19 times and has given me £12.68. But do you know what, this image is special to me. I like it and hopefully 19 other people like it as well.

I hope that you like my website, if you do please feel free to get in touch. If you don’t, please feel free to move on to something else you prefer.

Stay safe people and please be kind to each other.


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