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What next...

I have had some lovely feedback from a couple of my colleagues at work (thank you Jane & Kieran) which is pushing me on to continue with this project. I have tweaked a few things on the site and am now working on the next large section, holidays. My thinking at the moment is to try and have two distinct sections, one for Disneyland Paris and one for everything else.

Disneyland Paris is a place that is truly special to us as a family. It is our go to holiday for a quick break from reality (and we are really missing it at the time of writing).

We do also travel to other places and have some fantastic memories from these which I would like to share with you all.

If you have any thoughts on the site so far please get in touch through the contact page (which now comes through in English rather than Dutch)

As always, stay safe people and be kind to each other.


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