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  • Dave Bonehill

We all need support

It has been a busy couple of weeks here at TPHQ, unfortunately not necessarily with travelling though.

Support takes many forms…..

Taking care of people, checking in with them to see what they need and help them on their way is a part of daily life now. Family & friends have been struggling in a variety of ways. Injuries, both physical and with the mind seem to be all around us but we must take time to just ask…..“are you ok?”. If we don’t ask them, why would they check in on us? We are all in this together and have to take time to look after each other.

My daughter is working on her final project for her Design for Theatre university course. Support is needed in multiple areas. As a stop motion project, the puppets need support.

As well as support sourcing scale ”trees” which involved walking through the local woods with a saw and a bin bag like some demented serial killer.

And what about the photography i hear you say…yes, that needs support as well so i have a new addition to the kit bag. I have been looking for a new tripod as the 3 Legged Thing one i have currently doesn’t give enough stability for some of the long lens photos i have done of the moon lately.

So we paid a visit to the great team at my local Wex store today, Birmingham. Checked out the ones on offer and got some great advice from the team there. It came down to either 3 Legged Thing (Winston 2.0) or Manfrotto (MT055CXPRO3, catchy ain’t it). I like the look of the 3LT, i like the brand, it’s British made but the thing that put me off it was the ball head, it just looked flimsy. The Manfrotto version was just a step up in most ways (apart from the looks if i am honest). It is a solid beast, the ball head is solid and the leg clamps are easier to unlock at speed. I just can’t wait to get out and use it in the field……But not for another few weeks as …… daughter has borrowed it for the project….

Support, yes we all need support. If you know me, if you don’t know me, if you happen to stumble on this post by accident and you need support…..reach out, give me a shout, i am willing to help.

Stay safe and don’t forget to be kind to each other.


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