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Traveller’s Postcard

I have finally taken the plunge and registered the site to its own proper domain. Finally Traveller's Postcard has it's own place in the big wild world.

What now then for the world of TP?

There are several things I want out of the website.

Firstly it would be nice if I get improved traffic on the site so I can see what interests my visitors, I can then do more of what you all like.

Next is to try and get some more subscribers to my YouTube channel, the end game.....More than 1000 subscribers which then opens up more options on the channel but let's see how we do. Baby Steps.

Finally, and probably the main reason if I am honest is to just improve my technique, give myself focus on life and share my love of photography and film making.

It would be lovely to get in touch with some of you that visit the site to find out what you think. The contacts page is there and waiting so please feel free to get in touch. Good, bad, indifferent or just a place to chat to someone who needs to talk. All are welcome.

In the background I am contemplating rebuilding the site. Not to change to look and feel as I am happy with that, more to change the structure and improve the editing process, its all a bit clunky in the background.

I am also looking to add some of my other interests, they will of course fit in with the Traveller's Postcard ethos. More on that next time.

As always everyone, be safe, be kind.


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