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So much to catch up on

How has everyone been over the last couple of years? Life is busy as always but we must make sure that we look after each other.

Things continue to move on from my side and I am now more determined than ever to try and make a go of my passion for image I a photographer, videographer (I really don't like that phrase), film maker? Well I suppose I am just Dave, who still likes to get out there and try to improve my techniques.

I have managed, somehow to invest quite heavily in equipment over the last couple of years and I do find it mildly scary that I now have a lovely kit bag, I just need to develop the creative talent to show it to its best.

Film making comes easier to me that stills photography. I have several edits that I need to upload here but here is one of my favourites. It really captured the feel of moment back in July 22. This was shot with the works Sony A7S3, which I then invested in myself.

I struggle as a photographer if I am honest, some people just seem to have an eye for that perfect shot whereas I feel that I am still in 'snapshot' mode rather than thinking about things creatively. I have a new still camera (yes, I know that does automatically help with the creativity but the opportunity presented itself and I grabbed it). Here are a few that I have take with the truly stunning Sony A7R5.

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