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May Update

Managed to have a couple of weeks of work and finally got back out to some National Trust properties to takes some photos and video. Took what is my new favourite picture which is now pride of place on the home page of the website.

I love the lazy summer vibe of this, even though it was still a chilly Spring afternoon.

There are three new video edits on YouTube with a couple more in the pipeline. I am still struggling to get a good focus setting that works for me on the Sony A7RII, any tips out there would be greatly appreciated, overall I am quite happy with the look and feel of them.

I have finally managed to get the X-Rite Color Passport working. I used to use a plug in (Color Finale) which never really did what i wanted. I found a training video from X-Rite which explained the colour science and Final Cut Pro X workflow needed and BOOOOM.... it works an absolute treat. The three new edits all use this workflow so let me know if you like the look and feel.

My favourite from this set.... It is a hard one to call as they are all have their moments.

Anglesey Abbey - I like the colours and transitions, I had a good actor in play (Thank You Katie)

Berrington Hall - This is where the new favourite picture was taken so will always stick in my mind.

And finally Calke Abbey which was just a lovely (if rather un-stately) property to walk round.

Please do let me know if you have a favourite, if you have your own edits again let me know and I will check them out.

The world continues to open up as the vaccines roll out, stay safe out there people and use the 'selective hugging' at your own discretion.


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