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I am still here

Apologies to all of my loyal followers but it has been a strange few weeks.....months.

Lockdown has been hard, as I am sure it has been for everyone. Family comes first and we have had to manage some stressful situations, all improving now though.

Tomorrow sees the first easing of restrictions which means we can go out and about a bit more so I have booked a couple of weeks off after Easter. With this in mind I have dug my camera out and done some very basic filming in the garden.

I am desperate to be able to film slow motion in 4k but will have to make do with 1080p for now until the A7Siii comes down in price or I have managed to save a bit more money. What do you all think is better, 4k for added detail or 1080p for the slow motion.

I have also received my second photo book from the lovely people at Saal Digital, I can thoroughly recommend them. A selection of images used are some of my favourites, as follows:

I am off to try and add some more updates to the website pages now, watch this space.

Thank you all for sticking with me, stay safe, stay kind and enjoy the new world out there.


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