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Happy Easter everyone. I am on holiday for a week which is a chance to unwind from work and get a few jobs done at home. The garden needs attention, the garage needs attention, the family needs attention. It would be nice to be going away somewhere that we love but circumstance prevents this so I will have to make do with what we have around us.

Whilst the Sony A7S3 is out of action (On my daughters stop motion University project) I am focussing on the Sony A7R5 and trying to get used to the, what appears, to be hundreds of settings.

I particularly like the subject recognition settings for the the auto focus. If you need a good tutorial on this check out the Philip Bloom course on Sony Autofocus. A two part YouTube piece. Philip is an absolute inspiration and is the movie maker that really got me to where I am today.

So back to the A7R5.

It was a slow day yesterday so we decided to go for a walk around the local lake, Arrow Valley Park here in Redditch. I was hoping to get some shots of the local fair ground that is in town but you had to pay just to get in, so me being me decided against it. I may go back one evening to capture some night time longer exposure stuff. A quick walk round part of the lake and we found some wildlife to capture instead.

Setting the camera to recognise birds and the speed that it locks on is incredible.

I was locked on to the bird in flight, sorry I don't know what it is, and it tracked perfectly.

Crank up the shutter speed and you then get images like this.

The detail in the feathers is incredible, consider that I have also heavily cropped the image, it still stays pin sharp. I have also being playing with the Topaz Photo AI software. Is there a place for this in photography or is it considered as cheating? No more than than putting my pictures through Lightroom is my view.

I want to try and get out more in the early or late hours, I want to do some more Lunar/Solar imagery but am struggling to find a suitable landmark locally. Basically I just need to try harder, make more of an effort.

Stay safe everyone and don't forget to be kind to each other.


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