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Happy Mother's Day

In the UK at least, it has been Mother's Day today. A day to share time with family. I am lucky to have a loving and strong family.

Those of you that know me, understand the issues we are going through at the moment but it was lovely to catch up with everyone that is close and dear to us.

There is a lot going on in the World at the moment, and I promise not to turn this site into anything political. Never talk about Religion or Politics (or Brexit or Football) is what I was taught way back when I were a lad, just starting on my printing career. Well that was what I was told anyway.....I was then put with someone who I still consider a dear friend, Tyrone. He trained me as a Litho printer.....he loved football, he was doing a degree in politics and boy did we have some great end of shift debates. Where am I going with this ramble? I always sign off these posts with a message to be safe and to be kind. I genuinely mean these words, we have to learn to live together and be more understanding of each others views but still holding each other to account. Nuf said....let's get to the photography.

Last week we managed to get a quick trip to another of our local National Trust properties, Charlecote Park.

I took both cameras along with every lens that I own. I have re-organised my large rucksack camera bag to house everything but my drone. This made it a lot less stressful with trying to decide what to take, just take everything. It is also an advantage to go to properties that I know well as I can amble round, quite relaxed knowing where the shots will come. BUT.....I did forget to format my cards and swap the battery for full ones prior to starting to shoot. This caused me to lose one potentially great shot of some birds flying in formation around the flooded parkland. Overall a nice video of a relaxing stroll round a familiar property.

I hope you all enjoy the video and I leave you with one last photo of the local deer resting in the park.

Be safe, be kind and look out for each other whenever you can.


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