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I do not see myself as an artist. I know that photography is seen as a form of art and it certainly is. There are some stunning examples around from some of my favourite photographers and film makers.

So why do I not see myself as an artist? I think it stems from the struggles I have with my creativity.

How to change this view of myself, well get out there and try something different. That is what I did this week. I have tried ICM, intentional camera movement, and do you know what I am quite happy with the results.

Two methods were used to get these images. The hyacinths were taken by activating the shutter whilst zooming in quickly whereas the other were done whilst panning the tripod side to side. I think the black and white one is quite effective as you can almost see the ghosts of the rapeseed flowers shining through. Now I have to be careful to not over do this style, but I will continue to try and develop my style on this.

I also managed some more conventional shots whilst we strolled round our old haunt that is Hidcote Manor Gardens.

We used to go to Hidcote most weekends as my daughter volunteered there. It is a lovely garden that has been laid out as a series of rooms. I do enjoy revisiting places as it gives me a chance to improve my skills. I don't need to worry so much about what is there as I have been so many times. This gives me the time to play with the settings and the image locations. I have done a few video edits from Hidcote, check them out on the Property and Places page, with one sample as follows. This particular edit was one of the first I did with the Sony A7S3 which I had borrowed from work.

We didn't manage to get out this week anywhere near as much as I wanted. I do have a work event planned in the next few weeks which may give me an opportunity to play with some of my new kit, watch this space.

As always, stay safe and please be kind to each other.


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