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Main Street USA

Main Street USA

Take a trip down Main Street to the Town Square in one of our chauffeur-driven vintage vehicles, including timeless Mercers, paddy wagons and even fire engines.
If you fancy an extra-special trip down the brick-paved streets, be sure to jump on to one of our horse-drawn streetcars.
There are two arcades full of amazing displays to fascinate and astound. Head to the Discovery Arcade to see some of the most ingenious 19th-century inventions, from the truly incredible to the downright bizarre.
In the Liberty Arcade, historic photos and artwork bring to life the story behind one of the most famous symbols of the American dream – the Statue of Liberty.
Make sure you visit to the Victorian-themed stores offering a great range of souvenirs and exclusive Disney gifts and Disney park merchandise to help you remember your trip when you get home.

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